hrist met the Samaritan woman outdoors, at Jacob's Well . She asked if she should worship God in the Jews' Temple. He replied that God is here, where we are, in our midst, in this world. Later, seeing a widow giving all she had, the few poor coins, amidst the great stones, stumbling blocks, the great scandal, like millstones about their necks, lying all about them for building that Temple, he said the Herodian Temple would be thrown down, not one stone standing on another, which it then was by Titus and Vespasian, but that he would raise it in three days. He spoke of his risen body.

he Aborigine Elders , discussing Christian theology and studying the Bible to do so in its original languages, observed that the pattern of Joshua, conquering the Promised Land with violence, trauma, bloodshed, is incorrect; while that of Melchisadek and Abraham, the one, the indigenous Priest King with the Blessing of Bread and Wine, the other, the outsider, celebrating together the Eucharist, from Canaan through Israel to all Christendom, is the Blessing of the Earth, its fruitfulness together with the labour of our human hands, in thankfulness to God's Creation, God's gift, sharing this in turn with each other, is the Peaceable Kingdom of Heaven.

Counterclockwise: white ochre for spiritual protection from Australia, blessed olive leaves from Montebeni, one small wild English hazel nut, one large Australian hazel nut, clapper stick, one of two, made by Annette Zerberis in Melbourne, Australia, of two women working at the mill, carved from oak. Compare with the Hopi Message for Humanity .

ry to be patient, even for a piece of bread
A year of work and many hands are needed.
  In the Eucharist the priest and the people together bless the bread and wine, the fruit of the earth and of the vine and the work of human hands. Words said by Canaanites, Jews, Christians, the Royal Priesthood . Blessed be God forever!

he greatest Sacraments are the simplest, not needing Temples or Cathedrals of cut stone or marble, but water from a river, bread from wheat in fields, wine from vines, oil from olive trees, the gifts of God for the People of God. It was with water from the Jordan John baptised Jesus. It was with wine and oil the Samaritan tended to the Traveller's wounds. It was with oil the Sinning Woman anointed Christ the Christ, he saying what she had done would be the Gospel to the ends of the earth forever. It was with water Christ washed his Disciples' feet in humility, copying her, and then blessed, like Melchisadek, the bread and the wine, next prayed amidst the olives that night. Divinity become Humanity. Ben-Adam. One of us.

Della Robbia, Christ in Prayer

Jesus' first prayer taught him by his Mother, said each night, 'Into thy hands [yadikah] , O Lord, King of the Universe, I commend my Spirit [ruah]'. He says it on the Cross. God breathes his spirit [ruah] upon the waters in Genesis, his spirit is upon Christ at his Baptism, it is upon us at Pentecost in Jerusalem. The image of the hand in Judaism signifies God who has made us with his.

Julian speaks of seeing in the palm of her hand something the size of a hazel nut and is told by God, 'It is all that is made'. And that because God despises nothing that he has made he loves and protects and saves it and us.


uakers and Amish eschew churches as steeple houses, the stuff of pride. Often we meet in homes, or we build and use the simplest Meeting Houses. My children and I became Members of the Society of Friends. There is no hierarchy. Though one can be on the Overseers' Bench (this would correspond to 'Episcopus', 'bishop' which means 'looking about one'). And one can be an Elder (this would correspond to 'Presbyter', from which comes the word, 'priest'). Women and men have been in equality since the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)' founding in the Seventeenth Century through to this our present Twenty-First Century. Likewise children were recognized as equal with adults from the start when their parents were goaled for religious dissent and the children, though flogged, continued the silent Meetings in Worship.

It was once in Meeting for Worship, where we speak only when the Spirit moves us, I found myself on my feet speaking of the sacredness of matter. That we have been wrongly taught by the Platonists to despise matter. Rather we should consider it sacred, to be altered and distorted as little as possible. It is God's heritage to us and to our children's children. For this reason we should not split atoms for quick energy, instant gratification, leaving nuclear radiation about for future generations' harm. For this reason we should walk through God's landscape, rather than burn fuel in internal combustion machines. For this reason we should be like indigenous peoples, leaving the least scarring, the least trauma, to the earth. For matter is energy, that Trinity moment, that Upanishad moment, Openheimer and I have experienced, in which God as Light is unlawfully unleashed upon our Universe.

Best to let matter unwind into energy, as Buckminster Fuller said, like the log gradually becoming instead firelight, both light and warmth, as slowly, rather than as rapidly, as possible. It is a gift, which like bread and wine and water and oil, needs to be blessed for right use and cherished as a sacred, not a profane, thing. Alcoholics come not to bless but curse the wine they drink. Energholics find it hard to breathe. Yet life is breath and Spirit, our ruah brooding upon the waters at Creation in Genesis, the first prayer Mary teaching Jesus, being the prayer he says on the cross in her presence, 'Into thy hands, yadika , O Lord, I commend my spirit, ruah'. Light and air about our cosmos need to be kept clean and free from the poison we indulge in. There is no quick fix. Best is conservation. My first son wrote his Senior Thesis at his Quaker School on St Francis . My second son named his teepee, 'Gentle Strength'. My third son had a t-shirt worn into holes and tatters from Quaker Annual Gathering, that said ' Every Person is a Holy Place '.

Hildegard of Bingen, in the Twelfth Century, said all of this and the manuscript of her final text, here in Lucca, shows it:

Hildegard shows imbalance causing disease and death, prophesying the polluting and poisoning of the earth's ecology, but also fruitful labour and right sharing of the earth's resources for all.

Della Robbia, Madonna and Child


Blessed Olive Branch, Kenyan olive-
wood bowl, William Morris Print

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