This part is the 'Ocean of Darkness' of this essay, almost impossible to write, as evil weaves terrible chains of crimes, but it contains suggestions for the Ocean of Light and Peace:

We ask that you search the Charity Commission of the United Kingdom for England and Wales at

Search for the Following Trusts in their Register of Trusts, first through scrolling down to, then clicking on, its 'Search' button, then clicking on the underlined word, 'Register', during London working hours:

1. Sion College, Victoria Embankment, London. Theological Library. Built by Prince Albert to house a magnificent copyright library founded in seventeenth century. Registered Charity number 306142.

2. Order of St Elizabeth of Hungary, Heathfield, East Sussex. Women's Foundation, Assets for Missions of 400,000. Its theological library was given by the then Diocesan Archdeacon to the Community of the Holy Family. Its chapel was bulldozed, the Sisters' graves dug up, the convent sold. You will find it is no longer listed as a registered charity. No information is given concerning the disposition of its assets.

3. 'The Mother Agnes Trust'. Holmhurst St Mary, The Ridge, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex. Women's Foundation, Theological Library, Assets for the Upkeep of a Theological Library, Assistance for Sick, Aged, Needy Nuns, of over 2 million pounds sterling. Registered Charity number 1061968. This is best retrievable by the Registered Charity number. The buildings and grounds of the convent had the religious items (these were given to the ecumenical Gatwick Airport Chapel, notorious for paedophilia) and the library of theological books removed, the items sold privately, the books placed in storage and unused for seven years, the secular parts of the buildings sold as luxury apartments, the other, sacred, parts, the convent, the chapel, bulldozed. This Trust is what remains of the assets of my Anglican Community of the Holy Family.

All three theological libraries have been dispensed with, the first sold off; the third, which includes not only the theological library of the second, of the Order of St Elizabeth of Hungary, but also the nineteenth century's Women's Theological Library, formed for the Lambeth Diploma, and even the theological library still belonging to the East Sussex County Council, these libraries totalling 20,000 books for the teaching of scriptural Hebrew and Greek, on the Greek and Latin Church Fathers, on the mystics, especially the women mystics, and on the Oxford Movement, were shut up in boxes for years 'somewhere in London', then housed down at sea level. 1,000 was loaned back by the 'Mother Agnes Trust' to the Sisters of the Community of the Holy Family. This loan was made out of money earned by these women over a hundred years teaching young girls in India and England, the Trust totalling more than 2 million in cash and far more in land and buildings.

The Novice was told since she was not Professed by the Bishop after four years as a veiled Novice, and then, because she became Catholic to be able to continue her Vocation, she could not have one penny. The assets are in the hands of the bishop and the chaplain general who rewrote the originally ecumenical Trust with the words, 'in the Anglican Communion' and 'as the Trustees think fit', using these revised words as legal pretext for their current decision to keep the funds for themselves (for instance, the chaplain general continued to draw his salary and to receive above that handsome funds for travel, although the manager says the Community has ceased to exist), and failing in carrying out the ostensible purpose of the Trust, to run a library, to assist nuns, clergy robbing from the intended means of continuing Christ's Word.

There is more. The Sisters of 3. (Community of the Holy Family) helped start the Lambeth Diploma, the Archbishop's Examination in Theology, and tutored in its Hebrew and Greek for many years. This was a Diploma, and later Degree, in Theology awarded by the Archbishop of Canterbury to women, who were blocked in the nineteenth century from attending and studying at universities and from being awarded degrees. This programme came to be housed at 1. Sion College. The Novice of 3. Community of the Holy Family came to 1. Sion College, to work on the M.A. in Theology by Thesis in the Lambeth Diploma programme, hoping to continue the tradition of her Community. The Tutors in the Lambeth programme had also been her teachers when she was a child in the Community's school from 1943-1953, from the ages of six to sixteen. Her proposal was to edit the Westminster Cathedral Manuscript of Julian of Norwich's 'Showing of Love', a manuscript that had been lost but which she had caused to be refound, because of her Mother Foundress 's love for this text. She was reluctantly allowed to enter the degree programme after a very long pause.

It is her belief that her coming to the Director of the Lambeth, hostile in the Press to women, set in motion a chain of events which caused many crimes.

One was the above rewriting by men of the Trust for the Community of the Holy Family, which was to be ecumenical and for women's education and learning, formed of assets earned by women teaching young girls in India and England over a span of a hundred years, to their limiting those funds only to those in the Anglican Communion, and to be in men's control. The wording of the Trust includes the obligation to continue the library formed by the Novice and to open it to the public (ecumenically, in doing so copying the library and guest house of 2, the Order of St Elizabeth of Hungary), by 3. the Community of the Holy Family, as the former Archdeacon and she had worked together on this project, though this, as in 1. Sion College, is in no way observed.

In connection with the Lambeth Examination in Theology by Thesis: first was the statement by the Director, now Bishop, that New Testament Greek was no longer required, when the Novice studied for and took that examination; then his blocking of the acceptance of the thesis editing Julian of Norwich's 'Showing of Love', which became an ecumenical work shared with a Catholic nun in Ireland, whom she found had originally edited this manuscript in 1956; yet a third was to arrange that a male candidate for the Anglican priesthood in New Zealand be funded, instead, to carry out this edition at a university in Australia. In this process, a university in New Zealand, an international scholarly journal, the Modern Language Association of America's chair for approving scholarly editions, a full professor at the top Ivy League university and a publishing house of scholarly texts in Canada, were all gravely compromised in this plagiary.

The Novice, formerly full professor at a university with many published books, received no funding, using her own life earnings and four years of her pension for the above library and this project. The two copies of her thesis, though rejected, were not returned to her for many months. His was submitted to his university, next was published and seen to copy, though in a degraded form, hers, and this was then advertised as to be published a second time. However, her work had also been taken, partly with her consent, by a colleague, and published, in his name and hers, posthumously, in 1994, prior to the New Zealander's thesis and its publications. She has asked that the Anglican priest acknowledge these prior editions and publications of the Westminster Cathedral Manuscript, carried out by Reynolds, Nolan, Holloway, rather than make out himself falsely as the initial editor of the manuscript.

Moreover, the manuscript itself, a Recusant Catholic treasure that came to be owned by Westminster Cathedral, its Treasury 4, and which formerly was treasured by a family most closely connected with Syon Abbey, which the Novice had caused to be re-found in 1991, was taken, in 1994, by Anglican clergy involved with 1. Sion College, then housing the Lambeth Diploma, from Catholic Westminster Cathedral to Anglican Westminster Abbey, where it lies today.

She turned to her chaplain general/confessor on hearing of the murder of a child by priests of 1. Syon College. His reply was neither shock nor incredulity, but, chillingly, 'I have no illusions about my brother priests'. When the Novice fled, realizing the linking between the massacre of children at Dunblane, these rumors of the ritual murder of a child by priests at this library, the abuses done to her orphan father at Oxford, to children at her own school, to her brother, to her sons, some of these acts causing deaths, suicides, madness, she was next shown by two Anglican Bishops that they linked, twinned, with Catholic clergy. Churchmen keep the laity of the Confessions apart, but to themselves permit great intimacy, 'brothely [sic] intercourse'. The Lesson she had to read to the two Bishops, one of them the Lambeth Director, in a dark, dirty, empty church that day, was from 1 Peter 5.8 on the devil prowling about like an angry lion, seeking whom to devour. The third Bishop (since retired) and her chaplain general/confessor benefit from the Mother Agnes Trust as Trustees and were in contact with these other two Bishops.

The evidence I assembled concerning the above in the form of documents were taken from my barrister and destroyed. It is illegal to destroy legal evidence.

What occurred invalidates these Trusts, Charities, Degrees, even the reputation of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of the Church of England and of the Anglican Communion. Trusts, Charities, Ecclesiasts, Churches, and Degrees cannot be falsified without loss of faith. To do so is a crime against the soul. All of the above acts are un-Christian. Could the Church of England and the Anglican Communion return to Christian charity, to Christian truth, and enable, rather than destroy, Christian learning?

How do we turn this 'Ocean of Darkness' into one of Light and Peace?

For four years, since I fled Holmhurst St Mary in despair, even, initially, my faith gone, I have struggled to find my way back into the Light and God's Peace, finding to do so means also forgiving these perpetrators (mine had said to me bitterly, 'It is easier for the victim to forgive, than the perpetrator'), but nevertheless with 'Speaking Truth to Power'. I have given the main actors in the story blessed olive leaves from Gethsemani and have none of these left from the pilgrimage I took to the Holy Land before entering my convent eight years ago. Now I give blessed olive leaves from Settignano and Fiesole as a hermit to all the inhabited Continents of this Earth. This website of healing for body, mind and soul trauma, 'Oliveleaves ', is also for my own healing, and for that of my fellow schoolgirls, so terribly damaged, some murdered even, by what was done. I believe this problem is worse at the top. That our leaders were damaged and crippled in their soul in this way. We of the 'ruling classes' were brought up to consider ourselves blessed and privileged, though our reality as women was we were cursed and wounded and stunted infinitely, robbed from, blind, by our fathers, our uncles, our brothers, our husbands, and no mercy ever shown to us or to our children. Likewise these men were traumatized by the brutalizing carried out against them. It is a hidden Shoah, - and may have partly wrought the Shoah . It is my fear these men of the upper classes worked with Germany on the Final Solution, carrying out World War I and II against even their own peoples and scapegoating Jews.

This means we must show mercy, must be merciful. It is our one weapon and our best. 'To forgive is our revenge'. We must proclaim 'Amnesty' for all perpetrators and open the doors to them of sacred spaces for penance and reconciliation, for metanoia and inclusion. 'Every saint had a past; every sinner has a future'. Agnes More, O.S.B., wrote 'For God is a greater Pardoner that we ever were or can be sinners'. Mother Agnes Mason reminds us that Rabbis say that God could rest on the Seventh Day, because finally he had made something he could forgive. We need to turn to the United Nations, to the European Parliament, to Amnesty International, to all the Peoples of the Book for their wisdom, and we must stop such secret organizations, setting up a body composed of women and children and former children who have experienced these crimes in our churches, in our schools, in our hospitals, in institutional 'homes' and in our families, and that we be given full powers to work for the metanoia of our global civilization: the right for every man and woman and especially for every child, for the globe's future, to be free from acts inducing trauma and brain-chemical changes, to be free from political terrorism, to be free from war, and where there is natural disaster to come to each others' aid to soften the effects of the trauma these may have induced. During the Vietnam War a group formed called 'Another Mother for Peace' with words, 'War is not good for children or any living thing', beside a budding tree. Nor is abuse trauma.

Then, and only then, instead of the horror of 2003's Third Reich, can there be Pentecost and Jubilee and Peace and Freedom.

Della Robbia, Cantoria, Museo del Duomo, purchased by Mother Agnes Mason, C.H.F., in Florence in the Nineteenth Century

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