hese prayers circulated in Brigittine manuscripts, in Latin and in English, and in one instance even in Swedish, because it was written by a Swedish Brigittine nun at Syon Abbey. They are often in these manuscripts ascribed to 'a woman solitary desirous to know Christ's wounds', and in one instance she is named, 'Mary Oestrewyk', which is like the opening of the Short Text of Julian of Norwich's Showing of Love in the Amherst Manuscript, or they are ascribed to St Birgitta of Sweden. Their style is decidedly not Julian of Norwich's, and indeed, they are far more similar to Adam Easton 's Victorine mode of thought, yet they are clearly the structuring principle of the Long Text of the Showing of Love's division into XVI Revelations. Evelyn Underhill was the first to observe the association. They balance, in Julian's Long Text, with the Marian Advent Great O Antiphon, 

Norwich Cathedral, Despenser Retable of Passion, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension

For a particularly lovely example see the Aberdeen Burnet Psalter Manuscript at http://www.abdn.ac.uk/diss/historic/collects/bps/text/060v.htm

Quindecim orationes sequentes, si quis deuote cum totidem Pater noster et Aue Maria semel omni die per totum annum cxontinuando dixerit, ob honorem et memoriam vulnerum Jesu Christi, magnas indulgentias merebitur. Et anno sic continuato et completo unum quodque vulnus Domini nostri Jesu Christi cum una sola oratione et Pater noster specialiter honarauit: quarum etiam orantionum virtus et meritum multis claruit exemplis.

Oratio prima

 Domine Jesu Christe, eterna dulcedo te amantium, iubilus excedens omne gaudium et omne desiderium, Salus et amator omnium vere penitentium peccatorum: qui delicias tuas attestatus es esse cum filijs hominum propter hominem homo factus es in fine temporum. Memento omnis premeditationis et intimi meroris quem in humano corpore sustinuisti: instante saluberrime passionis tue tempore in diuino corde ab eterno preordinata. Memento tristie et amaritudinis quas in animo, teipso attestante, habuisti, quando in vltima cena discipulis tuis corpus et sanguinem tuum tradidisti, pedes eorum lauisti, ac dulciter eos consolando imminentem passionem tuam predixisti. Memento omnis tremoris, angustie et doloris quos in two delicato corpore ante passionem crucis tue pertulisti: quando post trinam orationem et sanguinem sudorem a tuo discipulo tradebaris, ab electa gente capiebaris, a falsis testibus accusabaris, a tribus iudicibus iniuste iudicabaris, in electa ciuitate, in paschali tempore, in florida corporis tui iuuentute innocenter condemnabaris, veste propria velabaris, alapis cedebaris, ad columnam ligaberis, et flagellabaris, spinis coronabaris, arundine in capite feriebaris: et innumerabilibus alijs calumnijs lacerabaris. Da michi, queso, ob memoriam harum ante crucem tuam passionum, veram ante mortem meam contritionem: puram confessionem, dignam satisfactionem et omnium peccatorum meorum remissionem. Amen.

Pater noster. Aue Maria.

 Lord Jesus Christ, eternal delight of those who love you, far greater than all our joys and desires, strength and love of repentant sinners, you who said, 'My delight is with the sons of men'. You who became man to save them, remember what made you take on human flesh and what you endured from the first moment of the Incarnation to the saving time of your Passion, ordained ab aeterno in God who is One and Three. Remember the pain in your soul when you yourself said: 'My soul is sorrowful to the point of death', during the last supper which you gave to your disciples, giving them your Body and Blood as food and drink, washing their feet and consoling them lovingly as you foretold your impending Passion. Remember the anxiety, distress and pain you endured in your holy Body before mounting the scaffold of the Cross when after praying three times to the Father in a sweat of blood, you were betrayed by one of your disciples, taken away by your chosen people, accused by false witnesses, unjustly sentenced to death by three judges at the holy season of Passover; betrayed, made to look a fool, stripped of your clothing, struck on the face - while blindfolded - then tied to a pillar, whipped and crowned with thorns.

Our Father. Hail, Mary.

Oratio secunda

Jesu, vera libertas angelorum, paradisus deliciarum. Memento terroris et horroris quos sustinebas quando inimici tui, quasi leones ferocissimi, te circumstiterunt, et colaphizationibus, conspuitionibus, vngulationibus, ceterisque inauditis penis te molestauerunt. Et per omnia verba contumeliosa, dira verbera, durissimaque tormenta, Domine Jesu Christe: et per penas quibus te omnes inimici tui afflixerunt. Deprecor te vt liberes me ab omnibus inimicis meis visibilibus et inuisibilibus: et dones me sub vmbra alarum tuarum protectionem salutis eterne inuenire. Amen.

Pater noster. Aue Maria.

Jesus, true joy of the Angels and garden of delight, remember the horrible torments you underwent when your enemies, who surrounded you like ferocious lions, tore at you, hitting you, spitting at you, scratching you and torturing you in other incredible ways. By the hurtful words, the bitter blows and harsh afflictions of your enemies, I beseech you to set me free from my enemies, both visible and invisible, and grant me the protection of eternal salvation in the shadow of your wings. Amen.

Our Father. Hail, Mary.

Oratio tercia

Jesu, mundi fabricator, quem nulla dimensio vera in termino metitur: qui terram palmo concludis, recordare amarissimi doloris tui, quem sustinebas, cum suauissimas manus tuas ad crucem Judei obtusis clauibus primo crudelissime affixerunt: et perforando delicatissimos et sacratissimos pedes tuos, cum non esses conueniens voluntati eorum, dolorem super dolorem addiderunt vulneribus tuis: et ita te crudeliter detraxerunt et extenderunt in longum et latum crucis tue: vt dissoluerentur compagnes membrorum tuorum. Deprecor te per huius sacratissimi et amarissimi in cruce doloris memoriam: vt des michi timorem et amorem tuum.

Pater noster. Aue Maria.

Word made flesh, all-powerful creator of the world, who are infinite and hold the universe in the palm of your hand, remember the bitter pain you endured when your blessed hands and feet were fastened by sharp nails on to the wood of the Cross. Oh, what pain you suffered when the wicked men who crucified you tore your limbs and broke the joints of your bones, pulling your body this way and that, just as they pleased. By the memory of such pains endured by you on the Cross, I beg you to allow me to love and fear you as I ought. Amen.

Our Father. Hail, Mary.

Oratio .iiij.

Jesu, celestis medica: recordare languoris, liuoris et doloris quos in alto crucis patibulo leuatus passus es in omnibus dilaceratis membris tuis, quorum nullum in suo statu recte permanserat: ita vt nullus dolor similis tuo dolori inueniretur, quia a planta pedis vsque ad verticem capitis non fuit in te sanitas: tunc quasi omnium dolorum immemor Patrem pro inimicis exorasti dicens, Pater ignosce illis: quia nesciunt quid faciunt. Per hanc misericordiam, et ob memoriam illius doloris, concede vt hec memoria passionis tue amarissime sit omnium peccatorum meorum plena remissio. Amen.

Pater noster. Aue Maria.

Jesus, heavenly physician, remember the suffering and pain you felt in your limbs when the Cross was being lifted up. Your body was nothing but pain from head to toe - but you, regardless of so much pain, offered prayers of mercy to the Father on behalf of your enemies, saying: 'Father, forgive them; they do not know what they are doing'. By your boundless charity and mercy and by the memory of your sufferings allow me to remember your precious Passion so that it may bring me full remission for all my sins. Amen.

Our Father. Hail, Mary.

[The translations of V and VI give variant readings of the XV Os]

Oratio quinta

Jesu, speculum claritatis diuine, memento terroris et meroris quos habuisti quando nudus et miserabilis in cruce pependisti: et omnes amici et noti tui aduersum te steterunt: et nullum consolantem inueniebas: sed solummodo dilectam genitricem tuam in amaritudine anime tibi fidelissime astantem: quem dilecto discipulo tuo commendasti dicens, Mulier ecce filius tuus: et ad discipulum tuum, Ecce mater tua. Rogo te, pie Jesu, per gladium doloris, qui tunc eius animam pertransiuit, vt compatiaris michi in omnibus tribulationibus et afflictionibus meis corporalibus et spiritualibus: et da michi consolationem in omni tribulationis tempore. Amen.

Pater. Aue.

Jesus, mirror of eternal brightness, remember your affliction when, although you could see it would be the destiny of so many of your chosen ones to be saved through your Passion, you still foresaw how many would not benefit from it. Thus, by the profound mercy you showed not only when you grieved over the lost and hopeless, but also in your compassion towards the repentant thief when you said: 'Today you will be with me in paradise', I ask you in your mercy, Jesus, to show me that same compassion at the hour of my death. Amen.

Our Father. Hail, Mary.

Oratio sexta

Jesu, Rex amabilis, et amice totus desiderabilis: memento illius meroris quem habuisti quando in speculo serenissime maiestatis tue conspexisti predestinationem electorum tuorum per merita tue passionis saluandorum: et reprobationem malorum in multitudine damnandorum: et per abyssum miserationis tue, que nobis perditis et desperatis peccatoribus tunc condoluisti: et precipue quando latroni in cruce exibuisti dicens, Hodie mecum eris in paradiso. Rogo te, pie Jesu, vt facias mecum misericordiam tuam in hora mortis mee. Amen.

Pater noster. Aue Maria.

Jesus, amiable King, remember your sorrow when, as you hung naked and despised on the Cross, the only one of your friends and acquaintances around you who could console you was your beloved Mother, to whom you entrusted the disciple you loved, when you said: 'Woman, this is your son', and to him you said: 'This is your mother'. Merciful Jesus, by that sword of grief which pierced her soul, I beg you trustfully to have compassion on me in all my bodily and spiritual afflictions and tribulations; console me by your assistance and joy in every trial and adversity. Amen.

Our Father. Hail, Mary.

Oratio .vij.

Jesu, fons inexhauste pietatis qui ex intimo dilectionis affectu in cruce dixisti, Sitio: scilicet salutem humani generis: accende, quesumus, nostrum desiderium ad omne opus perfectum: ut sitim carnalis concupiscentie: et estum mundane delectionis in nobis penitus refrigera et extingue. Amen.

Pater noster. Aue Maria.

Lord Jesus Christ, source of never-ending tenderness, moved by intense love you said on the Cross, 'I thirst', in your urgent desire for the salvation of the human race. Arouse in us, we pray, a love of perfection, to quell our desire for sinful pleasure and worldly happiness. Amen.

Our Father. Hail, Mary

Oratio .viij.

Jesu, dulcedo cordium: ingensque sanitas mentium per amaritudinem aceti et fellis quam pro nobis sustinuisti et degustasti in hora mortis tue: concede nobis corpus et sanguinem tuum digne percipere ad remedium et consolationem animarum nostrarum. Amen.

Pater noster. Aue Maria.

Lord Jesus Christ, the heart's delight and the mind's sweetness, by the bitterness of the vinegar and gall you tasted on our behalf as you were dying, pardon us poor sinners always, but especially at the hour of our death, so that we may worthily eat your Body and drink your Blood, for the healing and consolation of our souls. Amen.

Our Father. Hail, Mary.

Oratio .ix.

Jesu regalis, virtusque mentalis: memento doloris et angustie quam passus es, quando pre mortis amaritudine et Judeorum insultione cum magna voce te a Deo Patre derelictum clamasti dicens Deus meus, Deus meus, vt quid dereliquisti me? Per hanc angustiam peto te vt in angustijs mortis nostre ne derelinquas nos, Deus noster. Amen.

Pater noster. Aue Maria.

Lord Jesus Christ, joy of our mind, remember the anguish and pain you suffered when, through the bitterness of death and the insult of the Jews, you cried out to your Father: 'Eloi, Eloi, lama sabacthani', which means 'My god, my god, why have you forsaken me?' And so I ask you, my Lord and my God, not to forsake me at the hour of my death. Amen.

Our Father. Hail, Mary.

Oratio .x.

Jesu, alpha et oo, vita et virtus: in omni medio recordare quod a summo capitis vsque ad plantam pedis te pro nobis inaqua passionis demersisti: propter latitudinem et magnitudinem vulnerum tuorum, doce me per veram charitatem latum mandatum tuum nimis in peccatis demersum. Amen.

Pater noster. Aue.

Lord Jesus Christ, the beginning and end of our love, you held back no part of yourself when you immersed yourself into the sea of suffering; I beg you, by the breadth and depth of your wounds, to help me live a life of perfection with true charity in accordance with your law and commandments. Amen.

Our Father. Hail, Mary.

Oratio .xj.

Jesu, abyssys profundissime misericordie: rogo te propter profunditatem vulnerum tuorum, que transierunt carnem tuam et medullam ossium ac viscerum tuorum: vt me submersum in peccatis ergas, et abscondas in foraminibus vulnerum tuorum a facie ire tue, Domine, donec pertranseat furor tuus. Amen.

Pater noster. Aue Maria.

Lord Jesus Christ, who are the depths of pity and mercy, I ask you, by the depth of your wounds, which went deep inside you after piercing your flesh and bones, to raise me up, sunk as I am in my sins, and hide me in the hollow of your wounds.Amen.

Our Father. Hail, Mary.

Oratio .xij.

Jesu, regalis speculum vnitatis signum et charitatis vinculum: memento innumerabilium vulnerum tuorum, quibus a summo capitis vsque ad imum pedis vulneratus fuisti, et ab iniquis Judeis laceratus fuisti: et sanctissimo sanguine tuo rubricatus: quam magnitudinem doloris in virginea carne tua pertulisti pro nobis, pie Jesu, quid vltra facere debuisti, quo non fecisti: scribe, queso, pie Jesu, omnia vulnera tua in corde meo preciossimo sanguine tuo: vt in illis legam dolorem et amorem tuum: vt in gratiarum actione vsque in finem vite mee iugiter perseuerem. Amen.

Pater noster. Aue Maria.

Jesus Christ, mirror of truth, sign of unity and bond of charity, call to mind the countless wounds which covered your Body, torn by the wicked Jews and stained red by your own Precious Blood. Graciously inscribe your wounds on my heart with that same blood so that, as I meditate on your sorrow and love, the pain of your suffering may be renewed in me every day, love may increase and I may persevere in continually thanking you until the end of my life; or, rather, until I come to you full of the goodness and merit you saw fit to give me from the treasure-house which is your Passion. Amen.

Our Father. Hail, Mary.

Oratio .xiij.

Jesu, leo fortissime, rex immortalis et inuictissime: memento doloris quem passus es, cum omnes vires cordis et corporis tui penitus defecerunt: et inclinato capite (Consummatum est) dixisti. Per hanc angustiam et dolorem miserere mei, cum anima mea in vltima consummatione exitus spiritus mei anxiata fuerit et conturbata. Amen.

Pater noster. Aue Maria.

Lord Jesus Christ, strongest lion, immortal and invincible king, remember the pain you felt when all the strength had gone from your Body and Heart and, bowing your head, you said: 'It is finished'. So I beg you, with such anxiety and pain, to have mercy on me at the end of my life, when my soul will be troubled with the terror of agony. Amen.

Our Father. Hail, Mary.

Oratio .xiiij.

Jesu, vnigenite altissimi Patris splendor et figura substantie eius: memento illius obnixe commendationis qua Patri spiritum commendasti dicens: Pater in manus tuas commendo spiritum meum. Et lacerato corpore ruptoque corde cum valido clamore patefactis visceribus misericordie tue pro nobis redimendis expirasti: per hanc preciosam mortem tuam deprecor te, Rex sanctorum, conforta me ad resistendum diabolo, mundo, et carni: vt mortuus tibi viuam: et in novissima hora exitus mei suscipe ad te reuertentem spiritum meum exulem et peregrinum. Amen.

Pater noster. Aue Maria.

Jesus Christ, only-begotten Son of the Father on high, whose glory and image you are, remember the humble prayer with which you gave up your spirit, saying: 'Father, into your hands I commend my spirit'. Then, bowing your head and opening your heart in mercy to redeem us, with a loud cry you breathed your last. By this most precious death I beg you, King of the Saints, to give me strength to resist the devil, the world and the flesh, so that I may die to the world and live to you, and in my final hour you may receive my spirit, eager to return home after its long exile and pilgrimage. Amen.

Our Father. Hail, Mary.

Oratio .xv.

Jesu, vitis vera et fecunda: memento supereffluentis et abundantis effusionis sanguinis tui: quem tu, sicut de botro expresso, copiose effudisti: quando in cruce torcular solus calcasti. Et ex lancea militari perc usso latere nobis sanguinem et aquam propinasti: ita vt pauca vel minima gutta in te remaneret, et demum quasi myrrhe fasciculus in altum suspensus fuisti: et delicata caro tua euanuit: et liquor viscerum tuorum exaruit: medulla ossium tuorum emarcuit. Per hanc amarissimam passionem tuam, et preciosi sanguinis tui effusionem, O dulcis Jesu, vulnera cor meum, vt penitentie et amoris lachryme sint michi panes die ac nocte: et conuerte me totaliter ad te: vt cor meum tibi sit perpetuo habitabile: et conuersatio mea tibi placita sit et accepta semper: ac finis vite mee ita laudabilis: vt post huius vite terminum te merear laudare cum omnibus sanctis tuis ineternum. Amen.

Pater noster. Aue Maria. Credo.

Lord Jesus Christ, the true and fruitful vine, remember how abundantly your blood flowed when you had bowed your head on the Cross and Longinus pierced your side, from where the last drops of blood and water came out; so that every drop was drained leaving you like a bundle of myrrh hung on high, the delicate flesh gone, the liquor dried up, the marrow of your bones lost. By this bitter Passion I beg you, dear Jesus, to wound my heart so that, night and day, I may shed tears to make loving amends: convert me totally to you so that you may always dwell in my heart, my conversation be always pleasing and acceptable to you, and the end of my life be worthy of praise. Then may I praise you eternally with all the Saints. Amen.

Our Father. Hail, Mary. Creed.

See Nicholas Rogers, XV Os
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